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Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta x Nusa Gallery


15 February - 15 March 2024

About The Exhibition


SYNERGY is more than just an art display. It's a testament to the harmonious collaboration of visionary minds, sparking new dialogues and inspiring boundless imagination. Join us on this exhilarating journey of artistic discovery and witness the magic that unfolds when creativity knows no bounds!

Modern Architecture

Participating Artists

Abdul Khafid • Agus Muchtadji • Arif Sulaiman • Chamit Arang Darmila Salam • Easting Medi • Effendi • Made Arya Dwita Dedok Ign Yoedi • Irawan Hadi • Kaji Habeb • Kristianto Kwik • Lully Tutus Moell • Nurfu Ad •
Oentoeng Noe • Raden Raharjo • Subki Sulardi Wiyana •
Tomi Mrdk • Wahudi • Wasis Subroto • Yustinus Agus

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