Golf for Non Golfer

Experience 4 hole golf, assisted with Profesional Coach at the resort

Where: Golf Course

When: Evey day  

Price: 150,000 nett / pax

Info: Health Club Reception, Ext. 88725

Yoga at Hyatt

The serenity and tranquility of the Resort paves way for a contemplative Yoga routine, alone or as part of a group. 

Where: Merapi Garden

When: Sunday, 7.00 am - 09.00 am

Price: Free for Health Club Member and In House Guest.

Info: Health Club Reception, Ext. 88725

Bilyard and Darts

Bogey's Teras is a place for entertainment. Not only live music and dining experience, we also have something for fun, include Bilyard and Dart.

Where: Bogey's Teras

When: Everyday, 06.00 am - 11.00pm

Price: Free

Rice Field Bike Tour

Participate in a -3 hour guide cycling tour, up and down the hills of the Kaliurang district, passing through rice fields and village compounds. 

When: Arrangement one day prior

Price: Rp 200,000 nett/ pax

Info: Health Club Reception, Ext. 88725


Fishing Big Monster at Lake

This is how to have fun in a different way at Hyatt. Why don't you have Fishing at Golf Lake?

Where: Golf Lake

When: Every day at any time.

Info: Health Club Reception, Ext. 88725

Cooking Class

Unleash your inner master chef with the Hyatt Cooking Team. Our Chef will bring you to the culinary journey, from harvesting at our lanyard, and cooking for your own dish. 

Reservation should be made 1 day prior.

Price: start from Rp 350,000

Info: Kemangi Bistro, Ext. 89012

Rumah Kedamaian

Find a peaceful place by the Golf Course "Rumah Kedamaian".

A place where you can be mindful and have a little break. Enjoy the wind and how nature resembles. 

Golf Clinic Putting

Introducing Golf at the resort for the guest. 

Where: Golf Putting Area

When: Every day

Price: Free

Info: Health Club Reception, Ext. 88725


Run along our paved jogging track inside the Resort at any time you wish.

Gebug Bantal

Raise your gut and brace yourself for pool activity. 

Where: Pool

When: Everyday 

Animal Feeding Time

Meet the newest Hyatt Animal Friends, "Simba The Cat", "Rimba The Rabbit", "Toreto, Baha, and Gia The Tortoise". Kids will have so much fun with them while feeding and playing around.

Where: Candi Bentar

When: Every day 10.00am - 11.00 am and 04.00 pm - 05.00 pm.

Info: Health Club Reception, 88725

Mini Frisbee

Physical activity in the spacious area? Why not? Here are the mini boomerang and frisbee for your kids. While catching the boomerang is more excited than just watch the gadget. 

Where: Merapi Garden

When: Every day at any time.

Info: Health Club Reception Ext. 88725

Gadget Free Corner at Hyatt

This is a fun way to stay away from the gadget, from Kids Coloring, Cookies Decorating, Tick  Tack Toe, lots of outdoor activities for you and your kids. Only at the resort.

Price: Half Day Rp 159,000,- / Full Day Rp 219,000,-

Info: Health Club Reception, Ext. 88725

Fishing at Pond

Now you can have fun with your kid by catching fish in Hyatt's pond. It's time to learn about patience with your kid at the resort. 

Where: Candi Bentar Fish Pond.

When: Every day at any time.