Effortless Fitness by Hyatt

Effortless Fitness

Morning Workout

20 Jumping Jacks

Keep your heart healthy and improve body coordination

20 Lunges

Great to work on your major muscle of the hip, glutes, and thigh.

60sec - Elbow Plank

Work the abs and burn out the calories. 

20 Push-Ups

Increase functional strength via Full Body Activation

20 Squats

Exercise to your lower body and strengthen your thigh 

40 Punches

Exercise to tone your upper body muscles

Abs-olutely In-Shape

10 Butterfly Sit-Ups

Best exercise for your abs muscle

10 Raised Leg Circle

Best way to get your leg toned and skinny.

10 sec - Hold Raised Leg 

Build strong abs and core muscles.

10 Reverse Crunch

Simple work out move to freshen up abs and core. 

10 Crunch - Kicks

Exercise to tone make your core muscle strong 

10 Sitting Twist

For strong abs, no matter the season, sitting twist is the one of a kind.