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at Bogey's Teras



The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra
Take a moment to remember the first time you two met each other: when you felt awfully low and when the world was cold. How you felt a glow by just thinking of them and the way they look that night…

Mille Feuille Prawn Ceviche Green Tea Compressed Watermelon
Prawn | Pastry sheet | Red watermelon | Ginger aioli

Micro green | Red onion relish | Tobiko


From the Kettle

Somethin’ Stupid - Nicole Kidman & Robbie Williams
You two had met quite often and the intimacy slowly grew. One day you both dropped into a quiet little place and had a drink or two, then one of you spoiled it all by saying something stupid like “I love you”

Aphrodisiac Edamame Cream Soup
Japanese edamame | Cream the cooking | Crostini | Foam


Main Course

God Only Knows - John Legend & Cynthia Erivo
After getting to know each other, you fell in love with them even deeper. If they ever leave you, though life would still go on, the world could show nothing to you. So what good would living do to you?

Salmon Trout Green Pepper Cream Sauce Charcoal Potato Arancini
Salmon | Potato Arancini | Charred cauliflower | Cherry tomato confit | Red onion pickle | Green pepper cream | Micro green



Better Together - Jack Johnson
As day goes by and fade to nights, you both have gone through so many things. Then you realized someday, there might be no song you could sing or no words you could say. 
But you would still tell them, “we're better together”

Cherry Panna Cotta Streusels Gelato 
Red velvet | Streusel | Crumble | Gelato | Edible flower

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