"Warung Sesama" ala Hyatt: When Sharing is a New Magical Thing Happens in This World

The month of Ramadan is almost over and we soon welcome Idul Fitri. The spirit of Ramadan has made various people to share and help others. The Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta is no exception.

Based on a passion for caring and sharing, during the month of Ramadan, Hyatt opens "Warung Sesama". A simple shop that was opened to share takjil for motorcyclists and people passing in front of Jalan Palagan. This Sesama stall is initiated by Hyatt employees and is open every 4 hours until it runs out. For people who want to donate can distribute any amount directly to the Sesame Warung located at the Hyatt Main Entrance. Every day Warung Sesama can share up to 300 takjil and food for road users who pass by. When Warung Sesama was opened, the queue of motorcyclists and pedestrians was snaking. The concept is also made with a unique drive that is Thru. There are 2 tables arranged on the edge of the Main Door to facilitate the distribution of food and keep implementing health protocols by keeping a distance. The employees who distributed also used masks, gloves, and physical distancing. If in other places food is provided by the holding institution itself, but the difference is at the Hyatt inviting anyone to share. As a result this initiative was welcomed positively by various communities. The donations came from residents around the Hyatt, fellow hoteliers, Hyatt guests, and employees who were moved to share with others at times like this. Since it was first opened in the middle of last Ramadan, Warung Sesama has distributed more than 2000 food parcels. Not in the large number, but Warung Sesama can be a place for anyone who wants to distribute blessings to others. "We feel happy because Warung Sesama has become a place for people to share. The amount of donations from others means a lot to those who need it. Hopefully this Sesame Warung can inspire others, because we need to spread more goodness, "said Nurcahyadhi on the sidelines of food distribution activities at Sesama Warung. "Warung Sesama" is present at this time to be an encouragement and reinforcement of concern for others. If it's not the people who started and cared, then who else? Let's increase our mutual concern, to the minimum it will be very meaningful for those who need it.

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