Pink Ribbon: Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta's CSR Program for Cancer Survivors

Healthy living is everyone's dream. There are still many of our brothers who are currently struggling to fight disease, one of which is cancer. According to data from the Ministry of Health, Indonesia ranks 8th in terms of the incidence of cancer. The increase in cancer cases in Indonesia has prompted Hyatt to make the annual "Pink Pink Ribbon" CSR program. Since in 2013, Hyatt has always cooperated with the Indonesia Cancer Foundation chapter Yogyakarta to donate assistance to cancer survivors. Pink Ribbon aims to raise awareness of the importance of health and care for cancer fighters. Until now, Hyatt is still committed to making the "Pink Ribbon" a social movement to help others.

"Pink Ribbon" is always held in October to concur the breast cancer month. In the early years, CSR programs were still limited to seminars to increase breast cancer awareness and live a healthy lifestyle. Prof. dr. Teguh Ariandono Sp.B (K) Onk, Dean of the Faculty. of Medicine, Gajah Mada University and Dr. Probo Suseno SpPD K.Ger were once a speaker at the seminar. Hyatt also invited the YKI Cab. DIY and some cancer survivors to share some stories about cancer.

Along with the increasing public awareness to maintain a healthy lifestyle, starting in 2016 Hyatt changed the concept of the "Pink Ribbon" CSR program from seminar to charity running event. Hyatt encouraged runners and the wider community to care for cancer survivors.. At that time, Hyatt was the first hotel to hold a running event while at the same time doing charity.

Hyatt Pink Ribbon Run is growing every year and the number of participants is always increasing. Participants not only from Jogja but Indonesia and even some abroad. In 2018 Hyatt ventured to add 21K categories and 1000 people participated. Many stories behind the runners join the Hyatt Pink Ribbon. One of them is because there are relatives, friends, or even their parents who are cancer survivors. In fact, there are also cancer survivors who participate in this event to show people that they can. The spirit will never be broken due to cancer. Hyatt Pink Ribbon Run has a noble goal to invite healthy life and care for cancer survivors.

"We must maintain health with regular exercise, healthy eating patterns, and positive thinking. By running, people have a more positive mindset, "concluded Nurcahyadhi, Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta General Manager.