A Day at Hyatt

Again, welcome to the biggest resort in Yogyakarta! There are lots of activities that you can do here in one day. But we have picked some recommendations for you!

05:00 Catch sunrise at Panorama Teras or Lobby Court.

(Tips: go around in every corner to get the best view. also best time to do Hyperlapse!) 

06:00 Keeping up with a healthy life. Jog around our 2km Jogging Track.

(Tips: bring your favorite playlist while circling our golf course, which is gonna be your next favorite too.

07:00 Snap a quick shot at Merapi Garden.

(Tips: if the weather is being nice, there is Mount Merapi standing magnificently with our golf course laying green beneath. rare view.)

08:00 Have a feast breakfast like a champion at Kemangi Bistro. Literally.

(Tips: with that kind of rich variety of delights, order our signature dish and everyone's favorite 'Lava Egg Merapi' at the egg station.) 

10:00 Photoshoot at Putting Area Golf Course*, Pool* and Mini Zoo.

(Tips: *for these special photo venues, please arrange it beforehand with PR team.)

12:00 Hop in Andong Ride just like in Malioboro, only it's in the house.

(Tips: the ride takes you around the resort! Hence, it's the perfect time for Instastory, along the way.)

14:00 Dip in and splash out. It's swimming time!

(Tips: try on all of our multilevel saltwater swimming pools. from going down with 80-m waterslide to chill out around the lower pool. if you are traveling with a partner, challenge them to play Tennis Table or to fight in Gebug Bantal area!)

16:00 Photoshoot at The Residence*, Secret Garden, Hyatt Tree House.

(Tips: if The Residence is not occupied, explore every corner of it. The Residence is a modern-style meeting hall that gives a different vibe comparing to the hotel building. It can give you more edgy and minimalist shoots. Secret Garden is one of our best Yoga places, maybe try to do Yoga pose as if you're a specialist! Hyatt Tree House is one of the best places to chill and very Instagenic.)

17:00 Prepare for the best photo of the day. Watch the sunset at Panorama Teras or Hyatt Tree House.

(Tips: while hunting for the best angle, tone down and read a book or have a deep talk with your partner. Also bring your headset or mini speaker to create a warm atmosphere, literally, 'cause it's sunset time, right?)

18:00 Get refreshed and be welcomed at our VIP Evening Cocktail at Regency Club Lounge.

(Tips: order your meal from the live cooking stations, grab your wine and say hi to our staff! They are very friendly to chat about... almost anything. Maybe ask some suggestions about where to go in Jogja, or hidden traditional dining places to explore!)

19:00 Have a Poolside dinner, 'Merapi Barbeque' or 'Ramayana Night Market' all-you-can-eat, weekend only.

(Tips: While Merapi Barbeque is a BBQ night with a country live music entertainment, Ramayana Night Market is an Indonesian buffet dinner with Ramayana Ballet performance. You do not need to go far to Prambanan to see it, we have it performing in-house for you. Snap some shots and let your followers jealous of your pleasant stay!)


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